The World is going through exciting and vertiginous changing times that bring with it many uncertainties about the future.

Traditional economic, political and social models are proving to be unable to adapt, with the desired speed, to the needs and challenges of this new reality.

In this context, one of the most interesting theories regarding the future of our societies and its sustainability and prosperity is the concept of ‘Creative Cities’.

Therefore, and in very simplified form, this theory explains that, for a city to “succeed” and be competitive in this challenging environment, will have to invest in creating infrastructures and conditions necessary to become the more ‘stimulating’ as possible, both cultural and environmentally, functional, social and economical in order to be able to fix and / or attract young creative talents.
These are the young people that we will bring new ideas, new businesses, new ways of seeing and being in the world. They will create the next Apple, the next Google or Facebook and thus ensure wealth and sustainable development to the cities where they live.

These are the young people who will make a difference in the great economic and social revolution that is coming. A society and future economy based on freedom and sharing, creativity, art and research: The Economy of Knowledge.

It is of vital importance for the future of global companies to bet in the form of strategies to enhance the creative side, cultural and artistic of our cities.

This is the LABZ mission.


LABZ aims to create and implement innovative urban concepts that make the presence of new forms of art and the direct interaction between their authors and the public, a constant on their habits and creative and cultural DNA at our cities.

The individual and collective CREATIVITY is our booster principle that whenever coupled with proximity and dialogue between authors and public, will make the cities centers of inspiration, knowledge and growth, stimulating discussion and creation of new cultural and social values of the future.